What does wedding reportage consist of?
Wedding reportage consists of using images to describe a wedding and tell its story in the most utterly natural and spontaneous way by trying to capture and immortalize every moment: a glance here, a caress there, smiles, tears and all of those little gestures that make the day so magnificent. I try to stay out of the way as much as possible when I take pictures, keeping a discreet distance, because the protagonists of the day should be the wedding couple and their guests, not the photographer. Indeed, it is for this reason that I shoot entirely without the aid of flash photography. As this is an important day, full of anxiety and excitement, I don’t want to stress the couple any further. The big day should run as smoothly as possible in order to avoid any surprises or glitches. In fact, this is why I always scout all of the wedding locations myself, a few days before the actual day, so that I can plan all of the details.

We understand what a wedding reportage is but is it possible to have a few portrait shots of our parents, bridal party and friends?
Certainly. A classic photo with one or more people to remember the day is the type of photo that, if requested, can never be denied. Of course, I always opt not to have these kinds of pictures on my website as it wouldn’t make sense. Ideally, I would like to have a written list, a few days before the wedding, of all of the people you would like photographed. The reportage can’t guarantee that everyone present at the wedding will be captured—that would be impossible. Therefore, if you absolutely wish to have pictures with one or more specific people, feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to oblige.

The pictures in the photo reportage are really beautiful but we’ve noticed that you don’t touch up wrinkles or other such flaws. Could you do it?
Absolutely not. Reportages are real-life stories of a special day, not a fashion shoot, so touching up photos would go against the entire premise. It’s totally normal for a person who gets married at 25 to have fewer wrinkles than someone who gets married at 50. Therefore, if you wish to have a younger or different look in your wedding pictures, I advise you to hire a fashion photographer, not a storytelling photographer.

Do you only work in Umbria?
No, I can work in Italy and abroad. Naturally, travel expenses (fuel, tolls, hotel) and the fact that a wedding outside of Umbria could require being away for several days (and thus the loss of accepting work in Umbria), could impact the final cost, sometimes quite significantly.

What do we receive at the end of the photography service?
This depends on which service is chosen: Photographs on a USB pen drive or also in an album. In addition to the pen drive and albums, I also offer other packages and solutions which can be viewed during appointments in my studio.

How can we request an appointment?
You can make an appointment either by phone or email. All of my contact details can be found in the “Contacts” section of the site. I receive clients at my studio in Marsciano by appointment only.

How far in advance should we book our photographic service?
Sometimes I get bookings 18 months before the wedding date but usually requests range from 12-6 months before. Of course, it all depends on the period in which the wedding is set to take place. If the date is set for a Saturday or a Sunday during the months of June-September, I recommend booking at least 12 months in advance.

How can we book a date? Can we have the option of confirming it at a later time?
No, unfortunately I need to have a set date from the beginning. The photographic service can be booked and confirmed only with a signed contract and upon receipt of the downpayment.

Will you be the photographer on our wedding day?
Yes, absolutely. Once you confirm my photography services, I won’t accept any other requests for that date, giving you exclusivity. If the client wishes, or if I deem it necessary, an additional photographer can be used.

Will you be the one to work on our photographs?
Yes, of course. I handle all the steps of a photo shoot and don’t delegate post-production to anyone else. If you are impressed by the angle and color of my photographs, it’s only right that the final result of your wedding should have the same effect. Some photographers are able to deliver the final product very quickly because they hand the post-production work over to third parties. I am not that kind of photographer. I think it’s of utmost importance to dedicate the necessary time and attention to selecting and editing the photographs.

What do you charge for your services?
It is very difficult to establish a price ahead of time as each wedding is unique and different from another, as are the requests and the client’s needs. After viewing my work on this site and evaluating if I’m the right person to photograph your wedding, simply contact me to discuss prices.

Do you also provide video service?
No, I don’t offer video service myself but I can recommend professionals with whom I work easily. Wedding reportage requires particular attention on behalf of the operators and it isn’t always easy an style of photography to work in. Videographers who use bright lighting in church or on-camera video lights rarely mirror my style of photography and end up negatively compromising the final result. I therefore suggest you carefully consider who will carry out the video service and, most importantly, how it will be done.

Do you have any specific requirements on the day of the wedding?
Given the big responsibility and amount of energy required during the wedding day, I would like to be able to eat and drink something (it doesn’t matter if it’s the entire lunch or the entire dinner) and to have a small table to sit at where I can take a break during the slower moments of the reception, to keep from physically and mentally breaking down during the most important ones.

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am at your complete disposal.