Please read the following page for a thorough idea of how I work. Once you’ve finished, if you like my idea of a photo shoot and feel it’s in line with your tastes and needs, you can contact me to discuss your special day in detail and request a quote. If you still have doubts or questions you’d like to ask me, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I’m happy to help.

How important is wedding photography?

Extremely! Photographs aren’t just images but they are memories of moments in your life and, in some cases, these moments are once-in-a-lifetime and unique, like a wedding. Photos capture specific moments forever, making them a permanent part of your life story. Invest wisely in your choice of wedding photographer, as the photographs taken on your special day will be the only tangible memory that will remain unchanged over time.

How important is it to choose a photographer specialized exclusively in weddings?

It’s not only important, it’s essential. When you choose a wedding photographer, not only should you choose a professional who is good at what he does, but also someone you can trust. If you get along well with the photographer you’ve chosen, you’ll feel all the more at ease on the day of your wedding meaning everything will run more smoothly. You won’t see the photographer as an outsider but as someone important and of utmost importance who will be at your side throughout the day. Wedding photography is by far one of the most difficult types of photography. In order to shoot a wedding, in addition to having experience, the photographer must also have training in various areas of photography. On the wedding day, the photographer will take pictures of: people (both posing as well as during natural movement), interiors and architectural elements (think of the inside of a church and of the reception venue), and landscapes (for example, when the couple is surrounded by nature and at any other moment of the day). For this reason, I invite you to visit the website of my second brand A wedding is made up of important and very specific moments. Only a photographer who perfectly knows the timing will know how best to capture these moments. Not to mention the lighting that varies drastically throughout the day. Imagine a fashion photographer or an advertising photographer who is used to taking pictures in a studio where the lighting has been set for the shoot, with plenty of time to get the best shots. Put into a wedding context, this professional would probably have a difficult time of things. If you make a mistake photographing a bottle of wine, for example, there’s no problem. You can just keep taking pictures until you get the shot you want. Shooting a wedding, on the other hand, is a whole other thing. You must always be ready, focused, quick and infallible. Wedding photographers have to be able to take pictures in whatever situation presents itself, with bright light or in total darkness. Shooting a wedding is very tiring, both physically and mentally. I therefore wholeheartedly advise you to think twice before choosing a photographer with little or no specific experience in wedding photography.

How can we choose the right photographer for our wedding?

There are many photographers who do weddings and, if I were to put myself in your shoes, I’d agree it isn’t easy to choose, much less to choose the right one. First and foremost, you have to like the photographer’s photos; they should transmit emotions to you. As you’re browsing through his or her website, make sure there is a large quantity of photos uploaded. If there are only a few pictures, you’re probably dealing with a photographer with little experience. Another important thing to look for on the site is a section dedicated to complete wedding albums where you can see the pictures from the beginning of the event to the end. Only then will you be able to understand how the photographer works and if he or she maintains a consistent style throughout all the various moments of the day. There are also some studios which work with several photographers and take on more than one wedding shoot on the same day. This means that the studio you’ve chosen to do the photography at your wedding could very well assign the job to the first photographer available on that date (maybe even with few wedding shoots under his belt), possibly leading to unpleasant surprises. Every photographer has an eye and his or her own individual style, different from any other photographer. It’s important to make sure that the photographer you choose is the one you’ll actually get at your wedding.

What does your wedding photography service consist of?

My photography service is primarily a photo feature which uses images to describe a wedding and tell its story in all of its simplicity and spontaneity by trying to capture and immortalize glances, caresses, smiles, tears and all of those small gestures that make the day so grand. Weddings are like parties for me and when you celebrate, people inevitably have fun. This is in large part due to the material things that are a must at every wedding. Just think of the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s attire, their accessories, the rings, the floral arrangements, the venue, the food, drinks and so on. For me, though, the celebration is made up of the people and the emotions that, on that day especially, abound. This is why I focus so much on the emotional aspect of the wedding, trying to photograph smiles and emotions in order to leave the wedding couple a happy memory of that day. I try to stay out of the way as much as possible when I take pictures, keeping a discreet distance because the stars of the day should be the wedding couple and their guests, not me. As this is an important day, full of anxiety and excitement I don’t want to cause you any additional stress. The wedding day should run smoothly and naturally, without any unexpected surprises. In fact, for this very reason, I always do an in-person inspection of all of the wedding locations a few days before the wedding in order to plan the day in detail.

Is it possible to have some photos with parents, bridal party or friends?

Of course, if asked for, a classic photo memory with a person or a group of people can’t be turned down. Nevertheless, a wedding photography service can’t guarantee a photo of everyone at the wedding, that would be impossible, unless the wedding is a small one with only about 20 people in it. If you wish to have a photo with one or two specific people, feel free to ask me. I’ll be only too happy to grant your wish. For this kind of photo, I recommend two or three specific moments on that day: the final stages of everyone getting ready for the wedding, right after the ceremony itself and during cocktails. I advise against taking these pictures during the reception dinner for two very precise reasons: (one) a background of dirty plates on tables isn’t ideal, not to mention the probability that other people could also be captured in the shot; and (two) I whole-heartedly want you to enjoy this moment of eating, drinking and having fun with your guests.

We’re not very photogenic and don’t come out good in pictures. Will this be a problem?

This is not a problem at all for me because the advantage of this kind of photography is that people often don’t know that I’m photographing them leading to totally natural shots. When you know you’re being photographed, your face tends to take on often unnatural expressions. This doesn’t happen when you don’t know you’re being photographed resulting in totally spontaneous and natural pictures. Of course, there are certain moments throughout the day when I’ll have to guide and advise you, such as during the traditional group photos or the pictures of the wedding couple after the ceremony. However, even if I do guide you through the shoot, the final pictures and your expressions will always be natural.

We don’t like the wrinkles on our faces. Can you Photoshop them?

Absolutely not. A wedding photography service tells the real-life story of the day, it’s not a fashion shoot, that would be a contradiction. It’s totally normal for a person who gets married at 25 to have fewer wrinkles than someone who gets married at 50. Therefore, if you wish to have a younger or different look in your wedding pictures, I recommend hiring a fashion photographer, not a storytelling-wedding photographer. The only time I would make an exception is for temporary skin flaws such as pimples or herpes. In these instances, I’ll do a touch-up.

Will you be the photographer on the wedding day?

Definitely. Once you confirm the photography service, I won’t accept any other engagements for that day, giving you exclusivity. I mainly work alone because most weddings that I shoot take place entirely in one venue, from the pre-ceremony preparations to the final party. I you wish, however, or if you feel it necessary, a second or even third photographer can be added.

Will you be the one to do the editing work on our photographs?

Yes, of course. I handle all the steps of a photo shoot and don’t delegate the all-important editing phase to anyone else. If you are impressed by the angle and color of my photographs, it’s only right that the final result of your wedding should have the same effect. Many photographers are able to deliver the final product very quickly because they hand the editing work over to third parties. I am not that kind of photographer. I think it’s of utmost importance to dedicate the necessary time and attention to selecting and editing the photographs.

Is it possible to have an album?

Of course. I suggest having an album (be it a photobook or a traditional album) done by one of the best Italian companies in the business. If you choose an album, in addition to the photos related to the main service, I’ll also give you a proposed page layout for the album consisting of about 100-120 pictures. You’ll have the option to make any substitutions or to go ahead and confirm printing of the layout I proposed. It’ll also be possible for you to personalize the album with a vast array of colors and materials, as well as different types of photo paper to print the images on. My advice is first to think about the kind of photo service you want as it’s the basis of everything, and then evaluate whether to add an album either upon signing the contract or at a later date. I’ve had many couples choose to add an album months after their wedding, either for budgetary reasons or because they just decide to.

What do we receive at the end of the photography service?

Choosing and editing the photos after a wedding is by far the part of my job that takes the most time. First, I go through and eliminate all of the photos that are unusable (for example, the blurry or out of focus ones) and keep all of the usable ones (which could number anywhere between 400-1200, depending on the hours of service booked or the number of photographers working on the specific job). I then lightly edit these photos so that they remain similar to the original photo and deliver them to you. Of these 400-1200 photos, I then choose 100-200, perform careful and precise editing on them, and deliver them to you in a separate file. The photos will be delivered through my private WeTransfer account, exclusively in high-resolution JPEG format and without watermarks, ready to be printed and even blown up. Delivery times can vary from two weeks to three months maximum. Albums can take up to two months from the time confirmation to print the layout is given.

How do you manage privacy concerns related to publishing wedding photos?

In the simplest and most transparent manner possible and with a serious and professional approach. Before I publish any photo, I always ask each couple for their consent through a signed waiver inserted in the contract. For couples who don’t wish to give me authorization to publish their photos, the practice will be the same except the waiver will clearly state that publication of the photos is not authorized. Being able to use and publish wedding photos online is vitally important to me in order to promote my professional and artistic activity. After all, it is only thanks to these photos that couples like you can get to know and appreciate my work. It goes without saying that publishing any photo is done in full respect of a very specific criteria: not damaging the dignity and reputation of the subject photographed.

How much does your service cost?

It’s very difficult to give a price upfront because every wedding is different and unique, as are the couples’ requests and requirements. The price can vary based on many aspects. Primarily: the number of hours of photographic service booked (and, as a consequence, the number of post-production hours); the amount of additional photographs chosen; the distance required to arrive to the various wedding locations (plus eventual toll fees and mileage reimbursement), lodging, if necessary, and possible albums. Once you’ve seen my work on my website and decided I could be the right photographer for you, please contact me to discuss costs.

Do you only work in Umbria?

I work primarily in Umbria but I often work in other regions of Italy as well. I’m also available to work abroad. Naturally, travel expenses (fuel, tolls, hotel) and the fact that a wedding outside of Umbria could require being away for several days (and thus the loss of accepting work locally), could impact the final cost.

Do you have any specific requirements on the day of the wedding?

Shooting a wedding is a big responsibility and requires a huge amount of energy. Therefore, I like to be able to eat and drink something (even a separate menu is fine) and to have a small table where I can sit and take a break during the slower moments of the reception, to keep from physically and mentally breaking down during the most important ones.

How far in advance should we book our photographic service?

Since I only accept one wedding engagement per day, if you would like to book me for your wedding, the sooner you contact me the better. Sometimes I get bookings two years before the wedding date but usually requests range from 18-6 months in advance. Of course, it all depends on the period in which the wedding is set to take place. If the date is set for a Saturday or a Sunday during the months of June-September, I recommend booking at least 12 months in advance.

How can we request an appointment?

You can make an appointment via phone, WhatsApp or by sending me an email. All of my contact details can be found in the “Contacts” section of the website. I usually receive clients at my studio in Marsciano (PG); however, if you live in a different region or abroad, we can schedule a Skype call.

Can you hold a date? How can we book a date?

I can hold a date for up to a maximum of seven days. During certain periods, I receive requests every day, sometimes even for the same day. The photographic service can be booked and confirmed only with a signed contract and upon receipt of the down payment. I don’t use the standard contract template downloaded from the internet after a quick search for “wedding photographer service contract”. There are so many of these out there but they are riddled with omissions, some more serious than others. The contract I have my wedding couples sign is drafted together with a lawyer specialized in contract law. The document is drawn up based on my needs as a professional as well as yours as the wedding couple.

Why should we choose you as our wedding photographer?

I’ll try to give you a straightforward answer with the help of the following points:
– deinitely for my experience; I’ve been shooting weddings since 2010. I know how to work a wedding with more ease and professionalism than a photographer who only has a few weddings under his belt;
– I use highly professional equipment, both photographic as well as lighting. There are some photographers who only shoot with one camera and one lens, and have poor lighting equipment. I’ve chosen to work in a safer manner, and actually have two professional cameras, both of which are synchronized to simultaneously save each image on two separate memory cards, guaranteeing an immediate backup right from the first shot. I always carry six different lenses in my case, which I use depending on the situation I find myself in. Furthermore, thanks to the flashes and continuous lights, I’m also well prepared for any kind of light condition, both internal and external, or even in total darkness;
– I’m very careful about storing my images; in fact, I file every wedding on four different storage units (two are in my studio and the other two are in my home). It would be unthinkable to store wedding photos on only one, or maximum two, devices;
– lastly, I’m a kind, cheerful and accommodating person who loves his job and loves being around people. I’m meticulous and precise, both in preparing and organizing my photo shoots as well as in the follow-up phase of selection and post-production. I choose quality over quantity for my photographic services (for the very nature of exclusivity and uniqueness attributable to a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding). I create the right conditions to work serenely and confidently so that you too, the wedding couple, can keep calm on your special day.

Do you also provide video service?

No, but I can recommend a cameraman who I know shares the same style as I do and with whom I work well. Wedding photography requires particular attention on behalf of the operator and it isn’t always easy to work in a style that tells a story. Videographers who use bright lighting in church or on-camera video lights rarely mirror my style of photography and end up negatively compromising the final result. I therefore suggest you carefully consider who will carry out the video service and, most importantly, how it will be done.

Thank you for your time.